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Money-back Guarantee
Money-back Guarantee

Levit8 Portable Standing Desk

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The on-the-go standing desk for anywhere & everywhere.

Bring your workspace with you wherever you go. The Levit8 is an origami-inspired, lightweight and portable standing desk for your laptop that’s effortless to bring around and store. When it’s time to work, simply unfold it and you are all ready to go.

● Foldable, compact & portable
● Unique, origami-inspired and Kickstarter-backed design
● 9kg load capacity
● Fits in most laptop bags making it easy to bring around
● Can be used for laptops of all sizes


Within Metro Manila, shipping is free; however, shipping charges would be incurred for a second delivery attempt.

Outside of Metro Manila, we always deliver the items unassembled to guarantee they are in good condition and free of scratches before receiving them.

Can carry up to 9kg
Can be used for laptops of all sizes
Has two sizes to match your height for optimal comfort
Easy to store and effortless to set-up, bring the standing desk experience anywhere at your convenience with the Levit8 Portable Standing Desk.

The Levit8 Portable Standing Desk is made from Kraft Board and 100% waterproof polyester, making it lightweight yet durable. The Levit8 is heavy enough to stay sturdy on a flat surface, and can carry up to 20 times its weight, allowing you to work anywhere when needed.

Simply unfold and place on top of any flat and stable surface, and go from sitting to standing in a few seconds, anytime and anywhere. When you’re done, just fold it and store away.




Small: Elevated Height: 22.3cm
Flat Dimensions: 33x24x1.5cm
Large: Elevated Height: 40cm
Flat Dimensions: 43x24x1.5cm
Outer Material: 100% waterproof polyester
Inner Material: Durable Kraft Board
1 year limited warranty

Sit to Stand anywhere

Whether at the office, home, or coffee shop, this portable standing desk is simply designed to snap open and support even the biggest laptops so you can go from sitting to standing wherever you are.

Perfectly Portable

Weighing less than a pound, the Levit8 Portable Standing Desk folds flat, making it light enough to hand carry and comfortably fit in your bag. Crafted with high quality, waterproof materials, the Levit8 Portable Standing Desk is made to last no matter where you travel.

Matched to your height

Size small is recommended for people 5’6 and below, and can elevate your laptop screen by 8.78 inches.

A little bit taller? Get the large size, perfect for those with heights from 5’7 to 6’2 and can elevate your laptop screen by 15.75 inches.

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