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Money-back Guarantee
Money-back Guarantee



Our standing desks are for people who do a lot of work seated at a desk with documents, their computer, or other gadgets. Our desks allow you to take standing breaks and avoid back pain and excessive sitting/sedentary lifestyles.

Height-adjustable Standing Desks are a huge global trend that has been consistently growing in both the world’s most developed countries (US, UK, Germany, Japan, Australia, etc.) and the most advanced companies (Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, etc.) as well. We at Stance believe in the positive effects and health benefits of using ergonomic tools such as standing desks.

Stance offers quality standing desks, converters, and accessories at a price that is unmatched by our competitors. We are the most affordable option in the Philippines without sacrificing quality and efficiency.

Yes, for a fee based on what you want to include.

For chairs, custom colors are available with minimum order of 5. Contact us for more details.

Our products can hold sufficient amount of weight.

For the Pro Converter, it can hold up to 25 lbs.
For the Basic and Pro-X Converters, they can hold up to 33 lbs.

For the Ultra-Light Converter, it can hold up to 22 lbs.

For our Full-Sized Standing Desks, they can hold up to 90 kg

Our tables tops are made of High-Pressure Melamine Laminate Finish Particle Board.

For the Pro Converter, the base is black powder-coated steel.

For the Slim and the Ultra-Lite Converters, the bases are made of aluminum.

For the Levit8, the surface is made of water and stain-proof acrylic canvas.

Our Full-Sized Standing Desks are made of Carbon Steel and their table tops are made of laminated particle board.


We have display units available for viewing upon appointment.

Kindly reach out and set an appointment at +63 916 690 6979 or email us at

Cash on Delivery
· Within Metro Manila: Applicable for all items
· Outside Metro Manila: Applicable for all accessories excluding the Stance Mobile Pedestal.

· Credit/Debit Card via Xendit
· Credit/Debit Card via PayMongo
· Direct Debit BPI via Xendit

Online Wallets
· GCash via PayMongo
· GrabPay via PayMongo

· 3 months, 0% interest via Atome

Shipping is free for Metro Manila for every Stance product!

For orders outside Metro Manila, we kindly ask for the customer to take care of an additional delivery charge.

Yes, we have partnered with Atome, a payment portal where you can split your purchase into 3 monthly payment with 0% interest rate.

Here are the steps to go about our installment plan.

For new users of Atome:
Step 1: Click “Atome” and proceed with checkout. You will be redirected to download the app OR you may download the app first from the Google Play or App Store before checkout.
Step 2: Register using a local Philippine mobile number and enter the verification code sent to the number you have provided.
Step 3: Click the “Me” icon to verify your account.
Step 4: Go to “Payment Method” and add the card that you wish to use for the installment plan.
Step 5: Click on “Verify Now” on the top right to proceed with the application.
Step 6: Fill in the necessary information to complete the identity verification. Rest assured your information is secured and verification is instant. After which, you will be able to complete the transaction already.
This will be the 1st payment out of the 3.

For customers who already have Atome: Desktop users:
Step 1: Click “Atome” upon checkout and proceed. A QR code will appear.
Step 2: Scan the QR code with your mobile phone and click pay.
This will be the 1st payment out of the 3.

Mobile users:
Step 1: Click “Atome” upon checkout and proceed. You will be redirected to the Atome app.
Step 2: Click pay.
This will be the 1st payment out of the 3.


Since we want you to be satisfied with our products to the fullest, we offer varying warranty periods.

Full Sized Desks: 5 year warranty (not including tabletops)
Ergonomic Chairs: 3-5 year warranty
Desktop Risers: 2 year warranty

Yes! If ever you’re not satisfied with your Stance product, we have a 30-day return policy for orders within Metro Manila. We can accept returns as long as the product and product package was not damaged by the user and remains in good condition.

For orders outside of Metro Manila, kindly contact us at to discuss the terms on the return! For defective parts with your product, we will gladly send a replacement part.

The warranty offered by Stance covers defects in material or workmanship in the products when delivered to you.

Our Lifetime Service Guarantee guarantees repair services even after the warranty period. Parts can be replaced at cost.