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Money-back Guarantee
Money-back Guarantee

Stance Pro-X 31.5" Desktop Riser

Original price ₱2,844.05 - Original price ₱2,844.05
Original price ₱2,844.05
₱9,490.00 - ₱9,490.00
Current price ₱9,490.00

Elevate your workspace to new heights with the Stance Pro-X Desktop Riser.

A thoughtful ergonomic design for all-day focus and comfort — the Pro-X has all you need to work at your best. With its ergonomic design, the keyboard tray can reduce wrist strain while typing while reducing neck strain through keeping your monitor at eye level. Built with a keyboard tray, a vast surface to work on, and a sturdy gas-lift mechanism, the Pro-X is our most advanced riser yet.

● Wide 10,5-50 cm height-adjustability
● Spacious keyboard tray
● Strong 15kg load capacity with sturdy steel base
● Easy-to-use gaslift & lever mechanism
● Wide 80 cm long work surface, fits monitors up to 30 inches wide

Delivery Lead Time: 2 to 3 days within Metro Manila


Within Metro Manila, shipping is free; however, shipping charges would be incurred for a second delivery attempt.

Outside of Metro Manila, we always deliver the items unassembled to guarantee they are in good condition and free of scratches before receiving them.

Can carry up to 15kg and can fit screens up to 30 inches wide
Wide range for height adjustability from 10.5-50 cm
Crafted with a sturdy steel base to keep your items safe while moving up and down
Equipped with easy-to-use gaslift and lever mechanism
Arrives semi-assembled. Simply attach the keyboard tray and you’re good to go!
Designed to equip your tabletop with the most ergonomic benefits without the big commitments, the Stance Pro-X Desktop Riser is the perfect addition to any desk.

Built with 2-tiers, the Stance Pro-X Desktop Riser allows you to place your keyboard at a lower level than your monitor, allowing you to keep your arms at the ideal 90 degree angle and your screen at eye level. With the top level spanning 31.5 inches wide, it can hold a total of 15kg of your workspace essentials, while the lower level can be used as additional space for other accessories.

Made with convenience in mind, easily adjust the height of the Stance Pro-X Desktop Riser from 10.5 to 50 cm with just one push of the lever. Thanks to its smooth and sturdy gaslift mechanism, you can go from sitting to standing in just a few seconds.




Tabletop Dimensions: 80 x 40 x 1.5cm
Frame Dimensions: 78 x 41cm
Keyboard Tray Dimensions: 79.6 x 30cm
Height Adjustment: 10.5-50 cm
Load Capacity: 15kg
Weight: 12.5kg
Tabletop: Fibreboard
Base: Steel
1 year limited warranty

Superior Work Area

Easily maximize your work area with the Stance Pro-X Desktop Riser. It becomes the ultimate extension of your standard desk thanks to its 31.5 inch wide tabletop and keyboard tray which you can use for your accessories. Built to last, the Stance Pro-X Desktop Riser supports heavy-stacked 15kg workspaces without toppling over, even at its maximum height.

Easy to use

While big enough to handle weighty setups, you can easily lift and lower your Pro-X thanks to its secure and uncomplicated gaslift mechanism. Simply attach your keyboard tray and effortlessly go from sitting to standing for ergonomic productivity.

Ergonomic Design

Designed for ease and ergonomics, the Stance Pro-X Desktop Riser keeps your arms at an ideal 90 degree angle so you can avoid wrist pain, and keeps your monitor at eye level to reduce neck pain.

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