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Money-back Guarantee
Money-back Guarantee

Cradle Unwind Ergonomic Nap Chair

Original price ₱28,000.00 - Original price ₱28,000.00
Original price
₱28,000.00 - ₱28,000.00
Current price ₱28,000.00

For the long work days & the restful breaks in between.

The Cradle Unwind is equipped with features to meet your every need— from 3D armrests, dynamic lumbar support, and footrest. Uniting enhanced productivity with relaxation, it makes full body support look easy with a smart design that blends seamlessly with your workspace.

● Split back rest for constant support & comfort
● Retractable footrest
● 3 angle recline adjustability

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Color: Black


3-angle recline adjustability at 90°, 115°, and 130°
Load capacity of up to 113kg for the backrest and 135kg for the seat
Retractable Footrest, 3D armrests, and Dynamic Lumbar Support
Perfect for work, breaks, and everything in between, the Cradle Unwind is an office chair that is designed to adapt to the way you work for your complete support and comfort.

The Cradle Unwind’s seat, back, and arms instantly adjust to your body the moment you sit on it. Ideal for any sitting position, its depth-adjustable mesh suspension seat evenly distributes your body weight while providing ventilated airflow.

A sophisticated two-segment backrest offers dynamic lumbar support— instantly adjusting to the curve of your back for full spinal support, while its 3D adjustable arms give you better mobility for heavily supported sit.

Designed with seated breaks in mind, its tri-locking 130° tilt and retractible footrest takes center stage for a customized recline.

BIMFA certified for quality, you can rely on this office chair to support 135kg of load with ease.

Full support where you need it most

The Cradle Unwind is designed for executive support— complete with 3D armrests, a dynamic backrest, and a retractible footrest to cater to a broad spectrum of seated activity.

Armrests that adjust to you

Adjustable in 3 ways, the Cradle Unwind’s armrests move in height, angle, and depth, allowing you to work in your arms’ most neutral and ergonomic position while providing versatile functionality suitable for any task at hand.

Equipped with a dynamic backrest— No adjustments needed

The Cradle Unwind’s ultra ergonomic features were made to respond to your every move. From the moment you sit, the backrest automatically contours to your spine for proper spinal alignment to support all-day use and full range of seated activity.

Sit back and relax

Breaks are never an afterthought with the Cradle Unwind. Its retractable footrest is one of its kind in the Cradle Line— perfectly matched with a 90°, 115°, and 130° locking tilt mechanism and 5 leg aluminum base for ultimate balance, even at the deepest recline.

Technical Specifications

Ergonomic Specifications


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Overall Height 111 - 120 cm 120 - 130 cm 120 - 130 cm 108 - 125 cm 119 - 127 cm 100 - 110 cm 98 - 108 cm
Width 48 cm 50 cm 52 cm 50 cm 49 cm 50 cm 52 cm
Depth 46 cm 51 cm 50 cm 52 - 55 cm 58 - 64 cm 52 cm 55 cm
Max. Recline 115 ° 120 ° 124 ° 126° 130 ° 100 ° 120 °
Seat Capacity 120 kg 125 kg 125 kg 150 kg 135 kg 115 kg 150 kg
Backrest Capacity 136 kg 120 kg 175 kg 130 kg 113 kg 125 kg 150 kg
Recline Locking Angles Original Position Original Position 3 Angles 3 Angles 3 Angles 1 Angle 3 Angles
Adjustable Lumbar Support x Height Height/Depth Height/Depth Height/Depth x
Adjustable Armrest x Height Height/Angle Height Height/Angle Height/Angle Height/Angle
Adjustable Seat Depth x x
Adjustable Backrest x x
Footrest x x x